Hi! My name is Hannah, the creator of Hanbags. I am 26 years old from Sheffield UK, living Melbourne, Australia. My love of crochet was inspired during lockdown when I was out of work and used Youtube tutorials and Instagram to teach myself how to make clothes. I love fashion and putting pieces together so soon became interested in how I could make ‘contemporary’ crochet pieces with colour.  

When I came across the technique of ‘hand knitting’ I became obsessed with what you could do with the material and how much quicker it would build up compared to regular crocheting.  

Thus the ‘Hanbag’ was created! I cannot believe the response I have had to these bags and the demand in both the UK and Australia. 

My goal with my brand is to make personalised accessories which are made to order and an accessory that people fall in love with. The quality of a bag will always be maintained using high-quality material and a perfect finish every time.  

I am so excited to share my bags with you and become part of your outfit! I hope you love them as much as I do.